The color is in the fruit

The fruit has two possibilities, defend himself with colors and scents or let The Worm bug the content. The Wikipedia fruit is permanently gnawed by The Worm which kills paragraphs, kills articles. When we talk of The Worm – as we talk of Black Knights – we speak only of the destruction of good paragraphs and good articles. We have to find a way to stop the harmful action of The Worm.
Written by Chris Bois

Destroying innovative articles

In our first article about existing articles killing we have named « Black knights » the murderers.
In the article about the fight against new ideas it is as if Wikipedia was a pure white princess to protect from dangerous inovation.

Censorship about herbal therapy against Covid

This is our present big concern.

We see the collaboration between Wikimedia foundation and the WHO World Health Organization as a unique opportunity to improve the rules for inclusivity.

Photo credit

For the Wikipedia logo see : Copyright matters

Knight WikiMedia by Paul Mercuri

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