Thinking the world as complex

This diagram is an evolution of this one who has been « killed » from Wikipedia in 2019 after being useful to visitors for 13 years !!! The use of this diagram is for thinking the world as complex with multiple dimensions and multiple « views » – references, academic sources. See the article in English on Zenodo Europe academic publications

As an example of « thinking the world as a complex system » we may take the double bind concept.
The model before double bind is … simple bind.
Identify simple binds was the whole effort of the first generations of scientists – we have seen that 1932 was the year of the creation of the first synthetic molecule = mastering the binds.
To understand the events before and during WW2 a simple bind method didn’t work !
The intrication of economical, social, political forces needed to be considered differently, a new way of being a scientist.
A new scientist who would no more slice his research object but consider it in its whole.
We can take the present article as a research objet.
The illustration shows a research tool which can be used to see a research object through 3 dimensions.
For example the red frame can represent the content of the sources for the present article – Bateson, Morin, etc..
The grey frame can represent Wikipedia articles.
The blue frame can represent the dynamic of the project : thinking the elaboration of articles as complex.
Then the three colors cube represents a paragraph of the present article where the 3 axes meet : sources, content of articles, dynamic for complexity.

The article about multidimensional and multireferential thinking was killed in 2019 after a presence of 13 years in the French WikiPedia

I made a translation into English of the article.

We have created the site « We are not shady morons ! » to :
– describe the « how to » for killing an academic knowledge based article
– describe the thinking process of 7 article killers
– describe the violence made to people who are involved in the creation of a WP article and its use during 13 years.
– make proposals to Jimmy Wales to impulse innovation in the killing/keeping process for academic knowledge content in Wikipedia.




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