Who killed the metaphor ?

Two Chinese words :
yáng 陽 «south face» of mountains and hills in the north hemisphere
yīn 陰 «north face» 
The use of these two words is typical of what is a metaphor.
A metaphor is the use of words for something physical – a mountain with light and darkness – to « give an idea » of :
– hot and cold, dry and wet
– expressor, receptor
– masculinity & femininity
– order and disorder
– expanding and contracting
The complete picture is used to illustrate simultaneous unity and duality, opposite forces, etc.

Black knights allergies to knowledge are under our gaze

Over and over since 2001, we have been witnessing harassment toward contributors who have a larger view.

Whether it is a broader view on the metaphor or on the yin yang the corresponding knowledge and academic references have been lost.

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