The same immune response

Wikipedia is like a pure white princess in a jail/fortress. Black knights prevent her from contact with what is lively, colorful, different, unusual, innovative. The encyclopedia is void or poor of a lot of elements that are necessary for understanding and acting.

Black knights hate variety and new stuff :
Variety of flowers = the « new » herbal therapy against Covid.
Variety of representations through 3 dimensional matrixes = a « new » way to consider complexity.
Variety of the genre’s self-definition = new postures & sets of values in the city.
Variety of the triskelion = enrichment over the black & white, yin yang binary metaphor.

Author : Chris Bois

Immune response to « variety »

In our second article we have Peter Sloterdijk proposal to see the exclusion of new ideas as an immune response.
In the first Wikipedia – 2001-2020 – « variety » is a sin – see the 4 examples up.

Curing immune over-sensibility

Pierre Legendre in the movie The Fashioning of Western Man (1996) shows how laws, rules, judges are the necessary conditions for a peaceful society.

We thing an important revision in Wikipedia is the one of voting system – first article.

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