The missing color pallet

« Harassment, toxic behavior, and incivility in the Wikimedia movement are contrary to our shared values and detrimental to our vision and mission. They negatively impact our ability to collect, share, and disseminate free knowledge, harm the immediate well-being of individual Wikimedians, and threaten the long-term health and success of the Wikimedia projects. » The Wikimedia Foundation Board (1)

Dear reader, are you different from the « standard » ?
An innovator ?
Doing academic research work on herbal therapy for Covid ?
Are you gay ?
Are you different enough not to recognize you in the standard labels « male » « female » but not enough to take a 6 color flag ?
Do you dislike to be « labeled » ?

How to promote inclusivity ?

Pierre Legendre in the movie The Fashioning of Western Man (1996) shows how laws, rules, judges are the necessary conditions for a peaceful society.

In the text Community Culture Statement … the Wikimedia Board has tasked the Foundation with :

  • Developing and introducing, in close consultation with volunteer contributor communities, a universal code of conduct that will be a binding minimum set of standards across all Wikimedia projects;
  • Taking actions to ban, sanction, or otherwise limit the access of Wikimedia movement participants who do not comply with these policies and the Terms of Use


(1) The text voted by Wikimedia Foundation Board
Community Culture Statement, enacts new standards to address harassment and promote inclusivity across projects
2 May 2020 on Wikimedia foundation site

Photo credit Markus Müller

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