Make code not war !

Cops are expensive !

Of course, there is a need for cops in Wikipedia because software cannot solve all the problems.
But the amount of predation made by Black knights is huge.
Solving problems upstream with code solutions is inexpensive !
There are 3 software solutions to limit the action of Black knights.

Secret ballot

Now, when there is dissensus – edition war – the name of the voters is visible and Black knights attack the knowledge production of people who vote « for ».
If the name of the voters is hidden, the Black knights cannot threaten voters.

Forbid multiple attacks

It is possible with software to forbid to a Black knight to both erase a content and attack another content made by the same author.

Allow innovative, Wikipedia of the future, articles

The validity of knowledge for an article is not black or white.
It is particularly true for cutting edge knowledge.
Imagine a researcher who has done one or few publications on a matter.
The translation of this into an encyclopedia article is not simple.
There should be a category « Wikipedia of the future » for this kind of article not to be erased as « personal work ».

Credit for pictures

Steering wheel Museo de arte popolar
About the Wikipedia logo, see Copyright matters.

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