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Articles récents

Make code not war !

Cops are expensive ! Of course, there is a need for cops in Wikipedia because software cannot solve all the problems.But the amount of predation made by Black knights is huge.Solving problems upstream with code solutions is inexpensive ! There are 3 software solutions to limit the action of Black knights. Secret ballot Now, when … Plus

9 articles for inclusivity and the respect of knowledge

The concern of the Board of Wikimedia foundation is inclusivity of people. Our concern is inclusivity of knowledge. We describe and explain the processes of exclusion, censorship, etc. 30 pages in 9 articles The art of killing Wikipedia articles based on published academic knowledge9 pages on Zenodo Europe academic publications The fight against new ideas … Plus

The same immune response

Wikipedia is like a pure white princess in a jail/fortress. Black knights prevent her from contact with what is lively, colorful, different, unusual, innovative. The encyclopedia is void or poor of a lot of elements that are necessary for understanding and acting. Black knights hate variety and new stuff :Variety of flowers = the « new » … Plus

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